Frequently Asked Questions:

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Do you use a collaborative work tool such as SVN, GIT, Bazaaar, Mercurial or something else?*** Yes, we use Git, and the project is now hosted on Github : https://github.com/political-memory. The projet was hosted on Gitorious before. Bram, the main developer, maintained a mirror repo on his Github account.

  • Is there bug tracking or other functionalities I should know and use beyound source code sharing with revision control? The BTS (bug tracking system) used now is Github's one : https://github.com/political-memory/political_memory/issues. To send a patch, a good way is cloning github repository, and make a pull request. You can also tell us your repo's address.

  • Who should I get in touch with to take part in the project? You can come say hi on the IRC channel \#lqdn-memopol on  irc://chat.freenode.net where you should find a warm welcome, or simply get in touch by emailing contact(at)memopol.org, or the mailing list (link above).

  • Do the developers meet in a specific virtual space? Mumble? IRC? The developers meet on IRC (irc://irc.freenode.net\#lqdn-memopol). There is no Mumble server, there is a mailing list to which you can subscribe : http://laquadrature.net/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mempol2. It is currently underused, as the developers mainly use IRC to communicate.

  • Huse there been a UML analyses done, or something similar? Or is there any technical introduction to the project, a task list, a description of interfaces, etc.? There is currently no UML. There is a database view here https://projets.lqdn.fr/attachments/download/7/graph.png. There is no specific technical introduction, Memopol is a relatively standard Django project, the code is simple, it is mostly views based on class based generic views (a Django feature). Each part is properly isolated. The SQL scheme is more complex on the other hand.

  • I'd like to help you but I don't have much time, to you have specific tasks I could work on? There are unfortunately no detailed tasks yet. The project is moving too fast with too little coders to make the time investment of detailing tasks worth it. But where there are needs, it is possible to help meet the. The easiest path of action is to drop by on IRC and ask Bram or is_null.

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