Where is the code ?

All the code is here!

Where is the documentation ?

It can be found here!

How can I help ?

Help us improving Memopol and contribute to the code ! It's Python, and Django.

You can also report a bug here, also.


Two goals

  • We want people to help : so let's ease the documentation/installation part
  • Separate more core/modules : we want other NGOs to use Memopol, not just us

Our next steps

  • A complete redesign of the home page: it is the most important aspect. It's the crucial starting point for all the website. We need it :
    • to be a helpful stepping stone both to citizens discovering the tool and to experienced activists
    • to be visually attractive
    • to show useful information, data (dataviz)
    • to make it quickly obvious what Memopol is and what its purpose is
    • to offer the possibility to easily post a new “public position” by a MEP
  • A redesign of the MEP (Member of the European Parliament) pages:
    • overview of the MEP, with adminitrative information
    • MEP score
    • latest public positions with a link to a more complete list
    • Data visualization about their MEP's score (beautiful graphs, evolution of score, ...) (dataviz)
    • A quick summary widget of the MEP, showing the most important information, easily re-usable on other websites

A more precise roadmap can be found here.

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